Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why I should have a knitting related job with you

I am sure there are many people in this world that want to have a job knitting and in the crafting related......I'm nothing special in that......but I do have a list of the reasons WHY you should hire me in your knitting/crafting related field....

10. I have terrible hair. You should hire me because with me in your employ your hair will ALWAYS look better than mine.....true story
See? Told'ya. Hair........ugly.....(but at least its there until I donate it again to Locks of Love)

9. I have mad knitting skills, yo
yeah. I knitted THAT. A whole blanket of it. And it's delicious! Who doesn't want me to knit this for them? Not because I'm that good, but because the stitch is that pretty.....no wait......I just said I have mad skills so scratch that.......

8. I have more piercings than I care to tell you....in some of the strangest places
oh my gosh.....I stick my tongue out a lot......should that be number 7? yeah....lets make that the #7 reason why you should hire me.....my bad to the bone sticking my tongue out at the right time skills.

6. I have the cutest mini-doxie I've ever seen and I've named him Sheldon Cooper Storey Yep.after This Guy AND my mini-doxie has his own Facebook page xBadger Houndx, and he IS the Badger Hound...word.

5. I am very capable of doing all the work required to keep your social networking up-to-date...I even have my own Facebook page to showcase my knitting stuffs

4. The name of my knitting business is: The Dust Bunnies Will Wait. If you don't believe this is true I think you may be one of those zombies and we may need to check to see if you are the undead.

3. I can reverse engineer ANYTHING. Come on. Try me. I have reverse engineered things since the 7th grade when I couldn't afford all the things everyone else was buying so I had to learn to sew them myself.

2. I'm always learning. I have 3 college degrees and I'm currently doing my masters in knitting. Yeah. That's right.......masters....in....knitting....(the inner geek in me, and the future old lady in me is proud right now)

but the number 1 reason you should think about hiring me:
this is the only thing I've ever dreamed of doing more than loving the air I breathe. It's everything I eat sleep and breathe. Other than my family and friends it is most on my mind.....I always have knitting needles and yarn in my hands and it's what I'm put here to do.....

won't you help me have my dream come true & give me a chance to work for you?

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