Friday, June 29, 2012

dear laser printer how I love ye.

Yesterday was printing of crap I need to/want to print (knit wise/business wise). I printed off like 1000 pages of paper. NO LIE. Up until recently I had one of those other type printers that I had to change the ink constantly even for small amounts of booklets, etc. that I wanted to print.

The cartridge only costs $25 and prints like 2000 pages. TRUE STORY.

I got my printer still in box new from ebay for $119 and it's worth over $200 and I'm a happy camper. I can not recommend getting a laser printer enough, especially if you have a small business and have lots of papers to print. I am officially in love.

Out of everything I've purchased for my company this is my favorite.

in other news:
my business cards and business t-shirt came in yesterday. I'm real, yo. Vista Print is also a friend now. I got more business cards than I will probably ever hand out (who realllyyyyy wants my business card)........?? anyone???? Bueller??? Bueller?

*for those that don't "get" my humor, this is Ferris Bueller*
if you haven't seen this movie...see it. Then you will giggggggggglllllee!

 I realize that I didn't post a "how to" Monday, but I was busy trying to create a monkey (nooooo not a real monkey. I'm crazy but not crazy enough to think I can create a live thing.....wait a minute.....I have had 4 children! I can create things! But not monkeys. sadly......not monkeys.)

meet my sad sad sad knitting failure. Marcel the Monkey

I tried doing something new and this is my sad sad thing I created. Bless his heart. I tried doing something different with the eyes because no matter how 'safe' I make them, I always worry about eyes choking babies....this was also a failure.

I haven't the heart to frog (unravel) him. For some reason I feel for this poor monkey that I failed at knitting. He was meant to be a knitted gift for a neighbors son that had a b'day this past weekend & I couldn't attend due to my dental crap I had going on....needless to say my neighbors son will NOT be forced to have this monkey. Marcel will just live with me....I can't make anyone else want him.

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