Monday, June 18, 2012

Are those knitting needles in your pocket?

as a rule of thumb, here are the knitting needle size conversion. I use these as gospel. I have found these to always be correct charts. I even have this copied off & I carry it with me because I'm rarely without my knitting in my hands or a knitting project on my mind.

A lot can be said about using straight needles v/s interchangeable needles. I have loads of both kinds. In all honesty what really has made interchangeable needles my go to is the fact that I can't lose 1/2 of the needle. I have 3 or 4 needles that are without mates due to the fact I LOSE EVERYTHING. With these interchangeable needles it's been harder for me to 'pull a Kim' and lose them.

I have tried many different types of needles. I've found bamboo to be my least favorite with Denise Interchangeable needles running a close least favorite. The D's were too thick corded & it seemed to me that the yarn would just scratch along the needles. I am a tight knitter so this was no fun for me. I have put them away for another time.....especially since my doggie ran off with one of the larger size needles.

my favorite needles of all time come from Knitpicks and they are their interchangeable needles. Go...look and fall in love. Interchangeable Needles I have two different styles of their interchangeable, the harmony wood being my favorite.  Knitpicks has an awesome staff that goes above and beyond to make sure your order is correct & even helps you out with problems after the sale. I had a cord that started coming loose and they sent me another of the same size for free eventhough it was a year after my purchase. Now that is customer service, and believe me I've been loyal to them since this happened.

I have had a great deal of luck with trying different needles at our local sit-and-knit. Different knitters love different needles sometimes and we've ended up playing with others needles and projects more times than not it seems. You may want to meet up with local knitters and pass around the projects so that you can try the needles that others are using. You may be pleasantly surprised at what needles become your favorite.

What type of needles do you use?

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