Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review of Jane Austin Knits Summer 2012 (Dashwood Shawl)

Yesterday, I cast on for the Dashwood Shawl from Jane Austin Knits, Summer 2012. I am already in love

pictures property of interweave knits

I don't normally do the instant gratification of getting patterns & books the moment the preview shows up in my email, but this one time I allowed myself to do so.......and man am I glad I did. This is one of the books/ebook that I may actually knit everything from the book/ebook.

You can see more of the lovely patterns HERE

I mean, come on...tell me this pattern doesn't make you swoon
 I plan on making this sometimes this fall. Although I won't be making it so skin tight on me. No one wants to see me wearing something that tight!

and after all is said and done, I must have one of these hats. It will help conceal my Kymco induced hair.....The helmet hair look is not for me my friend. I need help with concealing my already bad looking hair after I've been riding all day. Take my word for it........

I can not CAN NOT recommend this book enough. Seriously. It's already one of my favorite pattern books.

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