Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In case you EVER wondered how serious I am about this whole knitting thing I have going on.....

I have loved knitting so much that THIS is how serious about it I am. I'm tatted now..
(well, again...this is my 3rd and 4th tat here)
 ****AARRRGGGG*** I'm not gonna let on how bad this hurt! I'm a man!

 okay hon...how many pics are you gonna take?

 Tat 1 of 2 FINISHED
and there they are......my precious!

what's so funny is this is actually the way I knit. I knit left handed & hold my fingers & hands JUST like this....my tat it is.....amazing!

The artist, Chris Morant, is a true artist. His artwork is amazing! 

if you swing by there, be sure to tell him that Kim sent ya! (yeah, that's me.)

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happy knitting!