Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beginner Lace Classes

I am planning to teach a beginning lace class soon (contact me for details) and today I'm working on swatches for the class

whenever I teach someone to knit lace, I teach them using dk/thicker yarn & then progress as they feel comfortable in handling thinner yarn.

The examples you see are unblocked.

You see the example with the DPN? I do a knitted cast on/bind off with yarn held double & wrap the yarn around a dpn & don't weave in ends until after blocking to make sure I have enough to do what I need to in order to finish my work.

in the last example you see my lifeline. Yes, I do that even with swatches & I do swatches and check gauge even if the pattern doesn't call for it. I do it every single time.

I am planning to teach the different stitches you may encounter in lace knitting, the types of yarn you can see used, how to block and how to do the knitted cast on/bind off & even show how to fix simple mistakes as math being off and a dropped stitch.

If you are interested in taking these classes let me know!

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