Wednesday, July 11, 2012

she is finished!!!

for the past few days (and I stretch it not. It only took a few days) I have been knitting this jewel from "Victorian Lace Today" (one of my favorite lace books). Shoulder Shawl in Syrian Pattern (Rav link)

UNBLOCKED it is wider than I am tall. I can not believe how big this thing is. When I started out I wanted to make sure I used the whole skein so I did just that & ended up using a couple hundred yards finishing and putting a nice frilly crochet edging on it. I am pretty happy with it & I can't wait to see what it looks like blocked...but I dread doing the blocking. I just know I don't have enough pins as it is, and Lord knows I don't have enough wires...but I'm gonna try to "Hugh it up" and make it work *reference to my Daddy & how he can make anything work for him with just a little time & sometimes some duct tape* 


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