Sunday, July 22, 2012

heartfelt prayers to the victims and families of the Aurora shootings

I assume everyone in the world that has access to either TV or radio or newspapers or the internet has heard of THIS shooting.

My heart goes out to the victims and their families and prayers go up to the Heavens for them as well.

I was watching a news reporter interview the gentleman that just lost his daughter and she asked
"is she dead?"

yeah. Way to be classy. Couldn't you have asked it more gently? That to me seemed so callus for you to ask it that way directly to a man that lost his 6 year old daughter. I shudder every time it plays.

my husband found this article that discusses some of the questions that I know I've had on my mind relating to the craziness that is this James Holmes. I don't understand HOW he did it in the first place, but especially don't understand how he afforded to have all those things & to think that this guy acted alone......that's a lot of chaos for one man to unfold and I assume it was just one man (until I'm told differently by those in the know) how did he get there? How did this happen?

I would love to know what caused this 'laid back' (as he said in his apartment application) guy to turn into this nightmare...and how it went downhill so fast for him.

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