Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I swear I don't normally rant but......

I have been an interchangeable needles fool since I started knitting in the round. So much so, I purchased not one, not two, but three different SETS of interchangeable needles from KnitPicks and have been in contact with the customer service more than once, and they've been very kind and have replaced the individual cables that have had a problem from time to time.

This is my problem
I was knitting a cardigan. It was a cardigan

see the yarn above? It was a cardigan.....until my cable BROKE AGAIN. All 3 sets of my interchangeable needles have had many problems with these needles (the needles would have the bottoms come off of them, the 'holes' that the key was going to go into would be misfiled and wouldn't go thru, or would have extra screw holes in them. 3 Sets. Three whole sets and they've been an epic failure. I can not imagine a product I use being such a disappointment & I know I've said it before, but I mean it now......I'm never ever ever buying another product from knitpicks (because the problems haven't been FIXED just patched up like a cheap ol' truck).I mean it may not matter to the company how much money these sets cost me, but to us it was a lot of money. And it's all been for nothing because none of my whole sets have all working parts. I've had countless projects to fall off the needles because of cable 'glue' failure.
something was different about this....I had cast on 220 stitches. I had k1p1 for 2 whole inches. I was about to start the chart on the cardigan, when I looked down and once again my needles had failed me & my project was ruined. ANOTHER PROJECT RUINED because of these needles.
I know this probably won't mean anything to a huge company like knitpicks and I'm sure they won't miss my business.......but I just wanted to rant and share my anger...yes anger......about another failed product and another failed interchangeable needles from this company. I'm thinking of burning these.....I don't even know what I'm going to do now. I can't 'trust' another project with any of the 3 sets that I have, they have failed me too much too many I may just give up knitting. I'm that frustrated.
thanks Knitpicks for not only ruining my projects but also ruining my needles. No partial fix, or 'band-aiding' of individual needles or cables. This can not be fixed this way...not this time. As a consumer I deserve having products that work, especially ones that costs so much. I deserve a whole set of the same size needles on fixed needles/cables. And you can have all of my sets of needles I purchased from you so you can see how crappy they are.....but I don't expect to see you offer to do this, or you even care that I'm this upset...I mean I'm just one consumer on Wilmington Island in Georgia. I'm just one person......but I have never ever been so disappointed in my life with a product. I am so upset. I am ruined.


  1. And I have many more pics I can show if you want to see them

  2. and if anyone from KnitPicks happens to read this & wants to right this wrong you can email me using the email addy I included in my complaint to you. I hope I hear from you. I really do.


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