Friday, November 9, 2012

customer service at Knit Picks is amazing!

I couldn't believe that customer service was so friendly & got back in contact with me so quickly. I don't look for them to give me a refund because the first set I purchase in 2009 and the last set was just a few months ago (the other set was somewhere in between).

I was frustrated when I posted on this blog and sent a message to them. I know it's an impossible thing to want from them.....but I had to try.

Maybe it's because I knit almost constantly that they don't last long. I don't know. I just know that I will not purchase anything else from them. Not because of the customer service, because they are top drawer. It's because of these sets. I just can't throw away any more money for something else that won't last long for me.


  1. It's too bad you've been having so many problems. I've had my KnitPicks set for 3 years, knit everyday and have not had one issue.

    I hope you can find a set that makes you happy. (I've heard the Signature sets of 8 are to -die- for)

  2. Thanks for letting me know that!

    I just think it's me. Maybe I just have bad luck with them. I can't brag on them enough for trying to make things right, and I'm so thankful for them to be this way. It means a lot!!

    thanks you!


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