Friday, August 31, 2012

Momma and Daddy

my parents sacrificed so much when they decided that having children and making them the center of their lives was something they wanted to do. I remember seeing my Daddy go to work at the crack of dawn to work, haul hay when he was laid off somewhere, keep groceries in the cabinet, keep smiles on our faces and so much more. I saw my Mom put her own career designs aside to be a stay at home mom and garden and clean our home and all the wonderful Mom things she did. They did all this and had all this struggle because they believed in the American dream. They raised us that we could do anything. My Mom was the first person to tell me that I could be president if I Dad was the first person to tell me that I'd be a great businesswoman parents were the first to laugh at my jokes and the last standing on their feet to cheer me on in even my darkest of moments. My parents believed in a world that could be greater for their c
hildren and for their children children's...that no matter straight or flush, feast or famine, good or bad America was the best country in the world and there is nothing more important or better than family.
Everything I am and everything I believe in I owe to my parents. I live every day trying to show a positive light to friends, family, and strangers alike. I live by the live and let live that my parents taught me....Any time a struggle or problem or moral issue comes up in my life I think of my parents and what they would do and let that be my guide. Every time I come upon something that I think I can not do, it is their teaching me that I can do all things thru Christ that helps me find courage because they gave me the gift of loving and knowing God.
I can never thank them enough. I can never describe with words from my very soul how thankful that I am that my parents decided that I was worth anything and that even if no one else believed I could there were people in this world that just knew I could if I only tried. It was their love and sacrifice that has gotten me to where I am and it is because of them and God that I have anything at all to call my own and I'm so thankful for all of it.
I noticed everything you did Daddy. Nothing you did or sacrificed has gone unnoticed or unappreciated all of those days you drug yourself to work I appreciate and it is you that I use as a measuring stick when I'm taking a measure of me.
Momma in Heaven I saw your struggles in so many ways and all of it is a permanent place in my heart and it is your bravery that you showed in your sickness that makes me feel brave in my own small struggles.
thank you so much for loving me and for everything you have done for me. I love you both so much.

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